I'm a huge fan of the musical Hamilton, and one night, as I was lying in bed unable to sleep because I had the title song running through my head, I began to wonder: if Philadelphia was America's temporary capital from 1790 till 1800, and if Alexander Hamilton was Treasury Secretary from 1789 till 1795, then doesn't mean that many of his most important accomplishments (along with his extramarital affair) must have happened here?

Well, yes. It turns out that Philadelphia is a Hamiltonian hotbed. My next question was whether anyone had developed a Hamilton-themed walking tour of Philadelphia, similar to the Sex and the City walking tour of Manhattan, except based on actual people and real events. The answer to that question was no—so I decided to create one.

I also decided to donate 20 percent of any net proceeds to the  Friends of Independence National Park to help them in their efforts to reopen the First Bank of the United States (one of Hamilton's signature accomplishments) to the public.

The app, created with help from mytoursapp.com, is $4.99 and is available both for Apple and Android—just search for Alexander Hamilton Walking Tours (or click on those links). It combines historical details from Ron Chernow's fantastic Hamilton biography with my own research, as well as lyrics from the show and Lin-Manuel Miranda's commentary in the book Hamilton: the Revolution

It's been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer as well as on CBS local radio, and is being promoted as Independence Visitor Center's primary self-guided walking tour of historic Philadelphia. 

If you have questions, interview requests, or want to know about in-person tours, email me through the contact form on this site. Also, I actively encourage fan photos, which I will do my best to include in the app. And the New York tour is forthcoming.