Guided Journals: Mindfulness and Gratitude

In addition to writing heavily researched books with lots of words, I also love creating guided journals—especially ones that are based on science. 

Mindfulness: A Journal  (Clarkson Potter, 2016) aims to demystify the buzzword of "mindfulness" and help people to begin their own practice. 

Gratitude: A Journal (Chronicle Books, 2009) helps people to establish a daily gratitude practice—which has actually been proven to make a real difference in the way people perceive the experience of their lives.


"I bought this for my Grandma for Christmas. This will be her first year without Grandpa and I wanted to give her something that could make her life a little brighter. This is so well done. I'm glad I got hardback because it makes it look so nice! I love it a lot and want to get one for every woman I know...including me!" —Britty, Amazon review

"So, kind of funny. I ordered one as a gift for my girlfriend and when it arrived I curiously read they a few pages. The layout is amazing!!! And I love the insights and quotes and provoking questions. So I ordered another for myself. And then one for my mom. And then one for my friend. I've ordered four in four days. I've kept a gratitude journal for almost a year now but this takes it to a whole new level. Thanks!" —Brad, Amazon review